The ‘startup’ allows the transfer of real estate through a simple and fast process, which lasts no more than seven days

The time invested and the paperwork: factors that hinder the sale of housing

The sale of second-hand housing is a process that can be slow at times, being able to extend much more than desired. Therefore, it ends up being exhausting due to this intense wait until the purchase is formalized, to which the paperwork process is added.

Clicpiso is a Spanish start-up that was born to streamline this process and make the experience of selling a home fast. The platform differs from the two options that, until now, there was to sell a house: in the first person or through a real estate agency.

“Although there is a gradual process of digitization in the process, which is fundamental in the sector, none of the two options that the seller has solves the mystery of when the house will be transferred, nor does it ensure that the sales experience is five stars,” declares Francisco Moreno, founder and CEO of Clicpiso, who returned from New York, where he was in several innovation projects, to start in Spain.

“There is a lot of concern on the part of the person selling the property about how long it will take the buyer to get the necessary financing, this platform solves the problem because, in seven days, the house is sold,” explains Moreno. The startup offers immediate liquidity with a cash payment through a fast, simple and transparent process.
How is it the procedure?

The person interested in selling the house gets in touch with the platform by providing the data of the house in order to make the first assessment using algorithms. If the seller is in agreement with the appraisal, an adviser comes to the property to evaluate and validate both the information and the offer. “If accepted, the paperwork lasts seven days at the most, after which we give the client the corresponding price of the residence,” explains the founder.

Clicpiso is the buyer of the house. After managing the entire process, realizes the reforms and relevant changes in the buildings so they are in the best condition and put them on sale.

The purchase of the house by Clicpiso is an independent process of the subsequent sale of the house to the person interested in it.

Few Selling Tips


It seems utopian, but you can get it by applying thee tricks of expert agents.

Expert agent tricks

Have you thought about redecorating the entrance to improve the first impression of the potential buyers?

It is proven that the purchase of a floor is decided in the first seconds, so get to work!

This is just one of the many tips that are listed below to help you sell your apartment quickly and without lowering the price.

Like this one, there are many other tricks to captivate visitors and make them see how ideal your home is for them.

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Some tricks to sell quickly:

If you live in the apartment you want to sell, stay only with the minimum and essential. If you do not have a place to store your things, hire a storage space. The floor has to be ordered at all times, otherwise, the buyer can understand that there is not enough storage space or that it is not a comfortable home.
It is true that leaving some furniture makes it easier for the buyer to get the idea of the dimensions of the floor, but too many get the opposite effect, that is, visitors see the floor much smaller than it is.

Beware of old beds, tables and cupboards, they usually make the rooms look much darker and smaller.

The storage room, if you have it, must also be clear so that it stands out as a large space.

The more depersonalize the environment the better. So save the photos, pictures and posters, especially those that allude to political and/or religious ideologies.

If you are going to announce the sale of the apartment in different channels, check that the price is the same in all, otherwise you can end up generating distrust. Read our article on how to make an ad to sell your apartment (with examples).

If you live in the apartment you want to sell, make sure that during the visits there is no one at home apart from the person responsible for the sale. If you have a dog or a cat you will also have to avoid its presence.

Teach the floor at the time when there is more light, the first hours of the morning are usually the best.

Do not forget to turn off the radio, TV or other appliances so that your visitor does not feel that you are interrupting your free time. If you hear the noise of the neighbor play ambient music.

Make appointments also on Saturdays and Sundays. Do not lose a sale because of laziness.

Treat all offers seriously, even if they are too low. Focus on what you want to achieve and try to reach an agreement that favors you.

If you also want to sell the parking, leave your car parked so that the measurements are clearly perceived.

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